Book binding

For a project a university recently I had to bind my own sketchbook using some rather interesting tools and waxed threads which was actually extremely fun. I ended up buying a set of tools for myself so that I can continue to bind my own little books in the future for sketching or as gifts to give people. I started using the Japanese stab binding technique which is one of the more simple ways of stitching the book but there is an endless amount of different patterns you can create! Have a look on pinterest, there are lots of tutorials for you to try out.


Awl – Stabby tool used to stab holes in paper ready to stitch through.


Tapestry needles – Used for stitching.


Waxed linen thread – Thread used in book binding.


Bone Scorer – Used for creasing the paper.


It’s all quite easy to get the hang of so I would definitely recommend giving it a go. Here is an example that I made for Uni:



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