Lino printing to the max!

When I first tried lino printing, I.. hated it! I was about 14 years old and did not have a good relationship with the big blobs that progressed on my pages when trying to print. I was forced to lino print for years by my previous school, which really didn’t help. When I was told at university that we were going to be lino printing… I wasn’t that excited to be honest but as soon as we got the ink on our boards I went a bit crazy, in a good way. I think I hated it in the past because I was told to do prints of teapots or teddy bears… I much prefer printing people with awesome stances and fun patterned clothing. Rather than blobs my work is actually quite attractive! Plus I love squeezing the ink out of the tube.. it looks like a mini ice cream machine.

Hope you like my lino prints

Lacey x




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