Creating my secret garden

Hello there,

Stress has been running me down lately and I needed something to give me some relaxation time. Something outside as I’ve been stuck inside all week sewing like a mad woman! Being outside is the only thing that will calm my migraines and help me feel spritely again. whilst out at the shops I spotted the gardening section with a wall full of different seeds and bulbs. How could I resist! They were so colourful and cute. I only planned on growing just a pot of flowers but left the shop with enough to start my own farm (well, almost).


Borage, Alyssum, Lavender, Cornflower, Mini sweet peppers and Rocket.


These little signs will sit perfectly next to my plants. I love having an excuse to use my box of sharpies.

There’s a small area in my garden that isn’t used so I got some help to level the ground and place an old table out next the the wall. No one else knows that I have claimed this area as my tiny farm, it’s my little secret. It isn’t a huge blooming cascade of roses and fruit trees with a swing hanging from the branch of an oak tree but I love it to pieces.

I will update my babies progress when they start to sprout and I hope you have a lovely day.




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