Into The Deep

Hello there!

Back in 2014/15 I studied a foundation art diploma specialising in Fashion design. I based my project on my biggest fears but wanted to turn it into something beautiful. The ‘unknown’ was a huge part of my project and included my fear of the ocean which happens to also be my biggest interest… This may sound really strange but yes.. I have a love/hate relationship with the ocean. The abyss is a beautiful and unique world with creatures that seem to exist only in your dreams. Bioluminescence is what make’s the creatures of the abyss glow therefore I created a collection which would glow in the dark.

(Advertisment for my exhibition shown below).


My collection was a mix of lingerie/clothing and was modelled by my lovely cousin and myself. The collection was shown for two nights held in a blacked out room with spotlights lit below each garment. I wanted the collection to be in an abyss style atmosphere to let people feel like they were really there.


I look back on this collection and see how much I have progressed over the year which is amazing to see the differences although I am still happy with what I produced in this collection and will treasure it with me forever.

(Extra images from the exhibition shown below).

I hope you found this little throwback collection interesting.



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