Our Endless Numbered Days



I’m a sucker for any story set in a forest, Fairytale or not I will read it. The cover for this book really stood out to me with the lovely shades of blue and white. I really had no Idea what the story would be about as the blurb gave nothing away, but I feel that this can make a book so much more intriguing. I don’t plan to spoil this book for anyone but I will give you a brief outline to what it entails. (Let’s keep it short and sweet).

A father takes his eight-year-old daughter to live in an isolated cabin in the wilderness and tells her that the rest of the world has been destroyed. Together they survive off the land around them.

I really enjoyed this read and would recommend it to absolutely anyone. This book also taught me a few things which might come in useful if I ever end up stranded in the wilderness in need of survival skills. Claire Fuller is an author I haven’t really come across before but I will definitely be looking into more of her writing as it really is beautiful and imaginative.

4/5 stars




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