Lily-Flame candles: Review


So, this may be a random topic but I confess that I am indeed a candle-holic who can’t be controlled. Candles make a room fill up with happiness and warmth and there are so many to choose from! Lily-Flame candles are beyond the best and are my absolute favourite, I would recommend these to anyone who enjoys a scented candle.

I currently own the Lily-Flame ‘Bluebell Forest’ and ‘Heather and honey’ which are both to die for. The scent will fill up a room just by opening the tin and will fill up an entire house when lit. They are said to burn for 35 hours each and are all made in Somerset, UK (yay!)


Okay, so my photos don’t do justice (I apologise) I have used these candles so the beautiful decor has melted away but when these are brand spanking new they look absolutely glorious with pretty colours and shapes. The candles are made by a small and hardworking team of candle makers and have been working hard since 1994! (They are older than me!) A cute little fact ~ Lily-Flame was the first company to produce candles in tins. It’s nice to know this as I have had other candles in tins and loved the idea but they are all copy cats!

Each candle is priced at £8.95 each and can be bought on their website or in a selection of shops which you can probably find online if you give it a search. I hope you enjoy candles too! see you soon.




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