Swimwear Lust List

Summer is upon us which means it’s time to put on your best swimming frock and go paddling in the sea. I usually wear bikinis but this year swimsuits are really floating my boat, so here are a few of my favourites. If only I could buy them all! Some of them are rather expensive but I included them anyway purely for lusting over.


(Above: Lazy Oaf, £58.00. Motel, £35.00. Private party, £65.00.)

‘Lazy Oaf’ always stun me with their cuteness overload. They may be cute but are rather pricey. The pink and green is such a yummy combo and the frills, oh my! the frills. Plus who doesn’t want shells on their boobs? I definitely do.

The ‘Motel’ rainbow swimsuit is my #1 favourite. It reminds me of something from an 80’s movie and is as cute as a button. It looks so effortless but quirky and cool at the same time. I will be dreaming about this swimsuit for days!

Mermaid’s are super beautiful and a fun theme for swimwear. This ‘Private party’ suit is simple and pretty. I’m sure just wearing this will make people think there is a sea women in the waves waiting to be discovered!



(Boohoo, £20.00. Wild fox, £155.00. Miss Guided, £35.00.)

Another mermaid suit from ‘Boohoo’ which is far more affordable and similar to the ‘Private party’ suit above. Tie dye is always a summer favourite so would be a great choice for almost anyone.

‘Wildfox’ is another one of those brands which I always love but can’t afford (cries). This floral swimsuit is really different to the other styles out there and looks so glamorous. The small frills around the legs and bust are an adorable feminine touch which will be sure to turn heads.

‘Miss guided’ had a lot of good choices this year although this one really stood out to me. The crotchet style panels are really unique and is a good choice for those who can’t decide between a swimsuit or a bikini.

Happy swimming.




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