The Philosopher’s Stone



Harry Potter! This phenomenal series of stories from the wizarding world is truly a nostalgic adventure for me. I watched every film in the cinema and like to walk around wearing my Hogwarts dressing gown on a daily basis but I never seemed to cross paths with the books, which is appalling really. The books were released with a new look this year and flooded the shelves of every supermarket and book shop I entered. This new artwork is definitely different to the one’s I remember seeing in previous years and the bright colours drew me so i had to pick one up. I purchased the first book and read it quite quickly. The story really filled in gaps in the film which I would not have noticed otherwise. It’s so interesting to compare the characters to the actors as well! I feel like the book and film really go hand in hand, making an overall better experience as I can smile during the film as I remember the small details in the book that others won’t know! I am going to continue reading the rest of the series and look forward to completing what my child-self never did.

5/5 Stars – I really enjoyed it!




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