Dreams In My Little Red Tent

Strange sounds surround me. The soft call of a nearby bird, the rustling wind around my fort. Sometimes I think I can even hear the tiny footsteps of beetles making their way through the wild leaves and grass. I sit cross-legged in my little red tent with a blanket draped over my knees. It may sound funny but I feel a great deal of happiness that seems to stream through my chest as if trapped, energizing my mind with all things sweet, on second though that might be the rhubarb pie that is sat in front of me. Back to reality..

This month is the four-year anniversary of my boyfriend and I’s relationship, the 19th of September to be exact. we exchanged gifts early and I am so thrilled with the surprise I was given. I received a charm for my bracelet in the form of cinderella’s pumpkin carriage which was a clue to the surprise…My favourite day of the year is the 31st of October…All Hallows Eve! and I will be going to Disneyland paris for the Hallowe’en weekend! I am not here to gloat but simply want to document my excitement. Since I was very little I had always wanted to go to a Disney park but never got to go so I am so grateful for my other half for making this dream come true.

This up and coming trip has inspired me to pursue other dreams I have and hopefully I will be starting many new things in the near future. This was basically a life update so I will continue lounging in my cosy little tent and wish you all a goodnight.




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