True Friend

Today I reunited with a dear old friend. We sat in the early autumn air wrapped in cosy scarves and cardigans, sipping our overpriced hot drinks and laughing about the silly memories from years before. To my dear friend, if you are reading this (you know who you are!) I simply could not have asked for a sweeter friend. we ate delicious treats, spoke about life and walked through the trees. It was a delightful afternoon!

As we age (I know I’m only 20..but hear me out) the friends we make come and go, fade or fall. But there is that one that sticks to your heart throughout the years. No matter how long it’s been since you last crossed paths the mind believes that it was only yesterday that you were dancing in the cafeteria together or dressing up as zombies and running round the forest in the dark. As we continue to grow and pursue our dreams I know that we will stay the best of friends, if not in each others company then in spirit.

A true friend accepts everything about you and will love you no matter what. The weird and wonderful, The crazy and slightly scary. My true friend is like the (third) sister I never had.. I have a lot of siblings already (five) but one more won’t hurt!

(I’m looking at you Gladice (Old lady name))

To wrap up, I want to say how I appreciate good people in this world, they seem quite rare to come by. I suppose I have an old soul and find it trickier to get along with most people my age. Friends come with many different stories but finding a person with a story that runs along with yours truly brightens up life.



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