The Trees



“…it’s survival of the fittest, not the strongest or the biggest.”

There is no warning. No chance to prepare. The trees arrive in the night: thundering up through the ground, transforming streets and towns into shadowy forest.

The Trees by Ali Shaw. The book itself was 488 pages and contained a font so small that when I first turned the pages I died a little on the inside.. The fact I challenged myself to look past the dreaded size of the book must prove something about the story, right? I am so glad I have read this book as it has truly opened my eyes to a world that seems almost realistic but with differences that we can only imagine in our nightmares.

The story begins in England, on the night when the trees came. Adrian sleeps alone whilst his wife is in Ireland on a business trip. Without any contact or any knowledge to how far the forest has spread, Adrian embarks on a journey to reach his wife with the help of unforgettable friends that he meets along the way.

I absolutely loved the main characters. A girl named Hiroko became my favourite, I am going to miss her! She was such a strong-minded character who saw the world in a different light. At first, some of the characters annoyed me slightly but by the end I began to see them as a team and wouldn’t change any of them one bit. Some parts of this book are unsettling, don’t get me wrong. At times I winced away from the pages wishing that I could un-read what I had just read, but this became easier as the pages went on as I started to understand that this is the world we live in..kind of.

I truly enjoyed this story and would highly recommend it to anyone out there who thinks that they can look past the gruesome parts. (Animal violence is included which did make me cry, so be warned). The ending was a little bit strange to me, I liked it better as it came to a close but then hit another ending which I disliked. It made me sad and angry at certain characters, but if you want to know what I am talking about then you will have to read the book as I don’t do spoilers here. Overall it was a dark and beautiful book which I will never forget.

4/5 stars.





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