Foxes and Watches


After a stroll around my local waterstones and a bite of my favourite breakfast (avocados on toast with pine nuts and chilli oil, YUM!) I decided on two new books to add to my reading list. ‘The Trees’ by Ali Shaw and ‘The Watchmaker Of Filigree Street’ by Natasha Pulley. The illustration on the front cover of ‘The Trees’ really struck me and instantly got me to pick it up and read the blurb. The story sounds extremely unique and just utterly incredible. Let’s hope this book lives up to my expectations! The second book was more of a lottery buy as the blurb did not really explain the story but included reviews which hinted to the type of story that it possesses. The front cover is interesting to me and makes me feel incredibly curious to what the story might be aboutΒ as well as the pages being green on the edges, I find this extremely cute.

I will review these books once I have read them and will bid you all farewell. (I should be in bed right now.)